Views Across the Sea

Views Across the Sea

From Lytham Green the views across the sea are looking across the river Ribble Estuary as it flows into the Irish Sea.

Here at Visit Lytham we like to be able to see something when we look out over the water. A view purely of the ocean is beautiful, but when you can see land and activity it’s much more interesting!

From the waterfront at Lytham Green there’s plenty to see – depending on the weather conditions of course.

Lytham, Ribble Estuary, Southport, Wales and Anglesey

Views across the sea of Southport

The nearest and clearest land is the curve of the Southport/Formby coastline.

View of Southport from Lytham

So the largest patch of buildings straight across the water is Southport (above), and the hills to their right are the shores of Formby.

View over Formby from Lytham seafront

Views across the sea of Wales

Turning further to your right you are looking across the northern edge of Wales.

View from Lytham waterfront

Be careful on the beach

The land opposite looks quite close , almost as if you should be able to walk straight across the bay.

Please don’t even think about it because the estuary is dangerous with shifting sands and strong tides. In fact, when cockling restrictions were briefly lifted in 2011, numerous fishermen quickly got into trouble requiring the help of the RNLI.

View from Lytham waterfrontView from Lytham waterfront

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